Did you get a letter?

You may have received a visit from two members of the Whyteleafe Free Church in recent weeks. The letter they delivered referred to making room for your Creator in your life. Perhaps you reacted as I would, by the appearance of strangers on your doorstep and not been in a frame of mind to even hear what they had to say. But, we would hate you to miss out on the greatest opportunity that life offers.

The opportunity to get to know God as He shows Himself in Jesus. Why did Jesus come? He came to show us what God is like and in the end to die a cruel death, taking the punishment that should have been ours. Our rebellion against God has caused a separation between God and us. But God still loves us and wants to restore the relationship. He offers us forgiveness if we will just ask Him and accept the forgiveness He offers. The apostle Paul said that God will accept you and save you if you truly believe and tell others.

For more information on Christianity you can visit: Looking for God?

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