Sunday Services

Our main weekly service brings the whole church together at 10:30am, and consists of all-age worship (after which our youngsters go out for their own session), open prayer and Bible teaching and exposition. Personal prayer ministry sometimes takes place. Every month we share in Holy Communion (visitors can receive it if they wish or have a blessing) and take up offerings for the church or organisations we support (giving is entirely voluntary).

At 7:00pm a smaller group meets for corporate prayer, praise and prophecy. This is the regular prayer gathering for our fellowship, our community, our nation and our international mission contacts. The fortnightly activity is our door-to-door outreach to the community. This is a long-term mission project, and we want to reach the whole neighbourhood over the next few years. A small team goes out, two-by-two, and a several people cover them in prayer as they work. The general reception from folk we have met to date has been encouraging.

Please do join us, visitors are always welcome. You may contact us in advance and we can arrange for someone to meet you, show you around and stay with you if that is appropriate.