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Help and answers to common questions

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions regarding both the church, this website and the bulletins posted here. If there are unanswered questions you can e-mail:
info @ (please remove spaces)
or use the contact page.

The Church

What time is your main Sunday service?
Our Sunday service begins at 10:30am, but the church is open up to 45 minutes before that. The service is in our church building in the main hall (157 Godstone Road, Whyteleafe, CR3 0EH). There is also an evening prayer and praise service at 7pm, but this can vary if there are (for instance) Caterham and District Churches Together (CDCT) meetings on a particular Sunday. There is a list of our regular events.
What are the meetings like? What can I expect if I come?
The style of service is quite non-traditional in ethos. Worship is offered through songs and contributions which can be of a spontaneous nature, and the congregation is encouraged to participate. We do not use a set liturgy, though prayers can occasionally be said which are drawn from various liturgies. Sometimes people may give “testimonies” from their own experience as to the workings of God in their lives, sometimes the scriptures are used to give inspiration, and all of this is drawn together to enable worship. Our approach tends therefore to be more informal than formal.
Where is the church?
To help you find the church, there is a page with a map and directions.

The Bulletins

How can I read PDF files?
Adobe produce a free reader application that can be used to read PDFs if you cannot read them on your computer.
Why are the bulletins produced in PDF format?
This is because it produces the best balance of flexibility without compromising the original design or look. Whatever printer is used to print, the paragraphs and line overflows will appear as intended by the editor.
Why are the PDF files so large, they do not contain graphics?
The PDFs contain, embedded with the file, the characters of the typefaces used. This radically increases the size of the file, especially when emboldened or italicised characters are used. The advantage of this is that the file looks identical to the original published and distributed in the church on Sunday.
What typefaces or fonts are used on the bulletin?
Both Palatino and Helvetica are used, the variants being Palatino Linotype and Neue Helvetica.

Other miscellaneous questions

What is the weather like in Whyteleafe?
The BBC Weather service provides a 5 day forecast for Whyteleafe.