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Visiting us

This page has been made to make visiting us as easy as possible, but if you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Directions, Map and Parking: Information on finding the church. At the bottom of this page is an interactive Google Map, that you can zoom in and out of and move around on to ascertain the location of the church. There is parking information for Whyteleafe for when the church car park is full.
  • What time are the Sunday Services?: Our Sunday service begins at 10:30am, but the church is open up to 45 minutes before that. The service is in our church building in the main hall. There is also an evening prayer and praise service at 7pm. Please check the current weekly bulletin for exact details of the evening service and location.
  • What are the style of services?: The style of service is quite non-traditional in ethos. Worship is offered through songs and contributions which can be of a spontaneous nature, and the congregation is encouraged to participate. We do not use a set liturgy, though prayers can occasionally be said which are drawn from various liturgies. Sometimes people may give “testimonies” from their own experience as to the workings of God in their lives, sometimes the scriptures are used to give inspiration, and all of this is drawn together to enable worship. Our approach tends therefore to be more informal than formal.
  • What should I wear?: There is no dress code, and people who attend wear a variety of clothes from jeans and tee-shirts to shirts/ties and smart dresses. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
  • Other information: There are printed songbooks available for those who have difficulty reading the overhead projection screen and there is also an induction loop for those with hearing aids. Ladies’ toilets are located in the back hall on the left and gentleman’s toilets are through the doorway in the church on the right as you enter. Please ask if you need any help. After the morning service, tea, coffee and other refreshments are available in the back hall, please join us.