Here you will find peoples’ reflections on everyday life walking with God.

This will be a page where you can share anything you feel about God  and the Christian life through art, writing, photography or any other medium that expresses your faith.


11th November 2012:

Sophie has penned some poems and reflections…

A prayer for surrender.

The soughing of a gliders’ wings pulls my gaze towards the sky. I marvel at the effortlessness of its flight and serenity of its turns. It speaks to me of your grace Lord; of surrender to your Holy Spirit. A life that’s governed by pure trust in your faithful, unconditional love. Just as You are one with the Father, Lord Jesus, may I become at one with You. I pray all strivings cease in that sweet surrender, Amen.

An Ode to Marriage!

Today I found the missing sock, the one that vanished long ago.

Without its other, it lay fallow, purposeless ; no chance to  know

The fullness of the ministry that with its partner, You’d Ordained;

Along with shoes of Your Good News the happy two Would walk unchained!

I thank You Lord that You make pairs of husbands and their willing wives,

That You decide which pair will match, so that Your Kingdom love will thrive.


Remember me!

“Nothing else for it, I had to make the turn! That or risk the lives of trusting, bright eyed children – those awestruck watchers from their school desks. Young hero worshippers of plucky pilots climbing into spitfires at RAF Hornchurch nearby.


So it has come to this. I sense keenly in that last tragic second the weight of the sacrifice – not to lose my life in glorious hot pursuit of the enemy but in this other way.


How could I have known that my better half would fail me when she climbed the skies this morn? That I’d be wrestling her away from her ill chosen target as we came hacking down together; spinning through the sky like ill-fated lovers?


Farewell all, remember me! I die for King and Country and for all the beating hearts of future generations.

Over and out, ‘Smudge.’ ”


(In memory of RAF Pilot Raimund Sanders Draper of no.64 squadron who died in March 1943).



31th October 2012:

Caroline really finds this video inspiring.“I like it because it reminds me of the Father’s love”


24th July 2012:
Cara, a member of the church’s youth group, recently produced a music video based on a song for Asia.

Here’s what she says:
“The song “Asia” was on a cassette that mum had while she was in YWAM in the 80’s, this particular song was so beautiful and is my mum’s favourite from the cassette. So I wanted to put images with the words to bring it more to life. The song is about Jesus’ heart for Asia. It was written and performed by Karen lafferty who has a strong connection with YWAM and Musicians for Missions.”