It’s easy to download our sermons. They are recorded in the MP3 audio format which can be played on virtually all computers, IPod/MP3 players and many smartphones. To listen now or download to your computer: Click on the BLUE download link and save the file on your device.


7th September 2014 – 1 Kings 18 -Derek speaks about Elijah, fire from heaven and the abundance of God. To download click HERE

31st August 2014 – Psalm 124 -Ric reflects on Psalm 124 in the context of 2 Samuel 5. To download click HERE

24th August 2014 – God’s take away – To download click HERE

Older Sermons:

16th June 2013 – Faith, Hope & Love – Derek looks into how we need these to live a vibrant and victorious Christian life.   Download by clicking HERE  Please note that this file seems to add a .’html’ extension. Please download and then rename by removing it to play the file on your computer. ie it should end in ‘.mp3’ and not ‘.mp3.html’. Thank you!

19th May 2013 – PENTECOST – An exciting sermon from Derek Edmonds about the Holy Spirit. We need Him! DOWNLOAD to save to your pc/phone HERE 

22nd July 2012 – Julia Pascoe from Jews for Jesus visits and tells us about the organisation and also talks about Esther from the Old Testament. DOWNLOAD HERE: JEWS FOR JESUS JULIA PASCOE

15th July 2012 – Derek Edmonds  – Ezra 4 & 5 – DOWNLOAD HERE: Ezra 4 & 5

8th July 2012 – Derek Edmonds  – Ezra 3 – DOWNLOAD HERE: Ezra 3

1st July 2012 – Pastor Paul – Luke 17 – Healing and Wholeness in Him:DOWNLOAD HERE:Luke 17

10th June 2012 – Pastor Paul – Psalm 27 – Very inspiring! DOWNLOAD HERE:Psalm 27

3rd June 2012 – Pastor Paul – Covenants with God. DOWNLOAD HERE:Covenants with God

20th May 2012 – Guest preacher Ray Djan – God is unchanging. How the Word of God can sustain you in today’s climate of fear and uncertainty. DOWNLOAD HERE:God is Unchanging

13th May 2012 Matthew 28 – last in series. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 28

29th April 2012 Matthew 27. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 27

22nd April 2012 Matthew 25 & 26. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 25 & 26

15th April 2012 Matthew 22. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 22

EASTER SUNDAY 8th April: Let’s run the race with joy and His hope: Easter Sunday Sermon

GOOD FRIDAY 6th April 2012: An excellent and inspiring look at the events surrounding Jesus’ Crucifixion. It was a  powerful day with great sorrow but also great news for humanity. Truly it’s a Good Friday. Click on the blue link to download. Good Friday Sermon

18th March 2012 Matthew Chapter 18. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 18

11th March 2012 Matthew Chapter 16 part 2. DOWNLOAD HERE: Matthew 16-part 2

26th February 2012 Matthew Chapter 16 part 1 .DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 16

19th February 2012 Matthew Chapters 14-15. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 14 & 15

12th February 2012 Matthew Chapter 13.  DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 13

29th January 2012 Matthew 12 – to be uploaded shortly!

22nd January 2012 Matthew 11. DOWNLOAD HERE: Matthew 11

15th January 2012  Matthew 9-11 DOWNLOAD HEREMatthew 9-11

8th January 2012  Matthew 8-9. DOWNLOAD HERE: Matthew 8-9

1st January 2012 Jacqui Creighton talks about how God gets involved in the spring cleaning of our innermost being – without condemnation. An honest and encouraging look at the transforming of our lives as we follow Jesus day by day. A great start to the New Year! DOWNLOAD HERE: Behold I make all things new (Gods House Clearance)- 1st Jan 2012 

18th December 2011 “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Derek preaches on Isaiah 9:6 looking at the names of God. An inspiring message on the meaning of Christmas!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born