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Please note, this page is currently a bit out of date. We hope to update it with more recent sermons soon but for now you can find the latest Sunday morning service on the welcome page.

It’s easy to download our sermons. They are recorded in the MP3 audio format which can be played on virtually all computers, IPod/MP3 players and many smartphones. To listen now or download to your computer: Click on the BLUE download link and save the file on your device or listen directly in your web browser.


16th June 2013 – Faith, Hope & Love – Derek looks into how we need these to live a vibrant and victorious Christian life.   Download by clicking HERE  Please note that this file seems to add a .’html’ extension. Please download and then rename by removing it to play the file on your computer. ie it should end in ‘.mp3′ and not ‘.mp3.html’. Thank you!

19th May 2013 – PENTECOST – An exciting sermon from Derek Edmonds about the Holy Spirit. We need Him! DOWNLOAD to save to your pc/phone HERE 

Older Sermons:

22nd July 2012 – Julia Pascoe from Jews for Jesus visits and tells us about the organisation and also talks about Esther from the Old Testament. DOWNLOAD HERE: JEWS FOR JESUS JULIA PASCOE

15th July 2012 – Derek Edmonds  - Ezra 4 & 5 – DOWNLOAD HERE: Ezra 4 & 5

8th July 2012 – Derek Edmonds  - Ezra 3 – DOWNLOAD HERE: Ezra 3

1st July 2012 – Pastor Paul – Luke 17 – Healing and Wholeness in Him:DOWNLOAD HERE:Luke 17

10th June 2012 – Pastor Paul - Psalm 27 – Very inspiring! DOWNLOAD HERE:Psalm 27

3rd June 2012 – Pastor Paul - Covenants with God. DOWNLOAD HERE:Covenants with God

20th May 2012 – Guest preacher Ray Djan – God is unchanging. How the Word of God can sustain you in today’s climate of fear and uncertainty. DOWNLOAD HERE:God is Unchanging

13th May 2012 Matthew 28 – last in series. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 28

29th April 2012 Matthew 27. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 27

22nd April 2012 Matthew 25 & 26. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 25 & 26

15th April 2012 Matthew 22. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 22

EASTER SUNDAY 8th April: Let’s run the race with joy and His hope: Easter Sunday Sermon

GOOD FRIDAY 6th April 2012: An excellent and inspiring look at the events surrounding Jesus’ Crucifixion. It was a  powerful day with great sorrow but also great news for humanity. Truly it’s a Good Friday. Click on the blue link to download. Good Friday Sermon

18th March 2012 Matthew Chapter 18. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 18

11th March 2012 Matthew Chapter 16 part 2. DOWNLOAD HERE: Matthew 16-part 2

26th February 2012 Matthew Chapter 16 part 1 .DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 16

19th February 2012 Matthew Chapters 14-15. DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 14 & 15

12th February 2012 Matthew Chapter 13.  DOWNLOAD HERE:Matthew 13

29th January 2012 Matthew 12 – to be uploaded shortly!

22nd January 2012 Matthew 11. DOWNLOAD HERE: Matthew 11

15th January 2012  Matthew 9-11 DOWNLOAD HEREMatthew 9-11

8th January 2012  Matthew 8-9. DOWNLOAD HERE: Matthew 8-9

1st January 2012 Jacqui Creighton talks about how God gets involved in the spring cleaning of our innermost being – without condemnation. An honest and encouraging look at the transforming of our lives as we follow Jesus day by day. A great start to the New Year! DOWNLOAD HERE: Behold I make all things new (Gods House Clearance)- 1st Jan 2012 

18th December 2011 “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Derek preaches on Isaiah 9:6 looking at the names of God. An inspiring message on the meaning of Christmas!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born